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Business Interruption Insurance

Reasons you need Business Interruption Insurance

As a business owner, you understand that active business operations generate a profit.  If your business shuts down, so does the cash flow. Do you have enough resources in the bank to weather a prolonged closure?

Common causes of financial hardship for business owners include:

  • Fire: Even if it only destroys a part of your building, you man need to close for a few weeks.
  • Hail: Broken windows, damaged roof and water clean-up can take longer than you think.
  • Windstorm: Replacing roofing or siding while your business is open can place customers in danger, increasing your liability.
  • Vandalism: Depending on the extent of the damage, you may find yourself with complicated equipment replacement problems.
  • Equipment damage; Even the most reliable machine breaks down.  It could take weeks to get the right part to be back on schedule.

How Business Interruption Insurance can help

If your business must close due to a covered loss, Business Interruption Insurance will reimburse you for the revenue that you could have earned during the closure.  It also provides coverage for expenses like rent or electricity and can keep your employees on the payroll while your doors are closed.

Make sure your insurance  takes care of your needs and see if the options offered by Business Interruption Coverage would benefit you. Call the experienced professionals at Cobb-Hall Insurance to provide solutions designed specifically for your needs.

 Excerpts from Trusted Choice/Independent Insurance Agents

Ten Commitments To Our Customers

Being a company in a highly competitive industry, we take great pride in separating ourselves from the pack. We differentiate ourselves by holding our staff accountable to our ten commitments. These are our business values and on what we base all our customer services.

Ten Commitments

  1. We will always offer you the best possible coverage at the best possible price.
  2. We pledge to offer you professional advice from the most knowledgeable staff in the area.
  3. We will return all phone and e-mail communication the same day, and make every effort to avoid “phone tag”.
  4. We will issue proofs or certificates of insurance the same day we receive the request.
  5. We will report all claims to the company the day they are received.
  6. We will assist you with all aspects of a claim.
  7. Policy changes will be sent to the company the same day we receive them.
  8. We will issue binders and evidence of insurance the same day the transaction in finalized.
  9. We will provide notary service to our customers, free of charge.
  10. We will do all these things with the friendly attitude you deserve.

It is with these tenets of high standards that we create the service experience that keeps our customers happy and coming back year after year.

Welcome to Cobb Hall

Who We Are

We are the largest independent Agency in Livingston County serving Michigan, national and international risk.  Our success is not a result of selling more policies, rather by the extremely capable people that make up Cobb-Hall. Most of our people possess advanced technical education and industry designations in their respected areas of specialization. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer all the insurance and risk management services but not by general practitioners’. We have teams and departments that specialize in Employee Benefits, Life, Health Group, or Business Teams serving Main Street USA to complex multi National Accounts to our Personal Insurance Team writing Auto, Home, Boats, Yachts, and Personal Risk Management.

What Cobb-Hall Does

Cobb-Hall provides employee benefits, health, life, disability, 401k programs and long term care. Homeowner’s, auto, boat, life, health, disability and financial planning are some of its personal insurance services. Business insurance plans include commercial property, general liability, workers’ compensation, auto, employment practices liability, pollution liability, and directors and officers liability.

Your Trusted Insurance Resource

Cobb-Hall Insurance provides extensive Business and Personal Insurance. Whether your business needs commercial property, general liability, workers’ compensation, auto, employment practices liability, directors and officers liability insurance, or something specialized, Cobb-Hall Insurance is your largest independent Livingston County Insurance provider. If you’re looking for personal insurance, including homeowners, auto, boat, life, health, or disability, Cobb Hall is your trusted insurance resource.

At Cobb-Hall we constantly re-engineer our operations to meet the complex demands of our customers and the market, while utilizing the latest in communications technology. Our high-speed computer network and internet connectivity allows our agents to respond quickly to our customers. It also provides direct online rating and policy issuance with some of our companies.